Germany's No. 1 Street Food

Currywurst Bros., our Berlin-born company is bringing Germany's fast food culture to the United States. Come and enjoy this delicious specialty, made of grilled sausage, tomato sauce and curry. This quick and appetizing snack is a hit among the young and old citizens and Germany and now is available to delight and captivate the taste buds of New Yorkers.

Currywurst Bros., differentiates itself from all the other fast food restaurants around the world, by bringing quality, variety and taste back into the fast food business.

History of an original

1949 - Berlin

After the war, the population was slowly growing and reconstruction was in full play. To satisfy people's hunger, snack stalls were beginning to arise, especially in Berlin

Herta Heuwer - whose stall was located at the corner of Kant-/Kaiser-Friedrich Street - invented the classic Currywurst. This simple, but very tasty dish quickly became a money spinner because of its delicious tomato sauce and its exotic spice curry.


Ten years later, the currywurst was already known beyond the city boundaries and was promoted as Germany's most favored snack. Even in the Eastern parts of Berlin, while the city was divided, the currywurst became a hit.


From the seventies on, every German child knew of the currywurst. There was virtually no snack stall that did not offer this specialty. Local variations and recipes arose and the real currywurst secrets began to emerge.


Starred chefs began to deal with the topic of the currywurst. The sausage was even introduced to upper catering.


The currywurst became a hit, and had its own museum built in Berlin.


The Currywurst is moving into the world and the first Currywurst Bros. store is currently opening in New York City.

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